SpreadSheet module for UltimatePOS
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Introducing the Spreadsheet Module for UltimatePOS!
Powerful Spreadsheet Editor
Say goodbye to cumbersome external spreadsheet editors

Say hello to the inbuilt feature-rich spreadsheet editor within UltimatePOS.

Create professional and effective spreadsheets with ease, all within the UltimatePOS platform.

Seamless Import & Export
Effortlessly import and export your spreadsheets, without any hassle.

No need to switch between platforms, everything you need is now in one place!

Collaboration Made Easy
Share your spreadsheets with other Roles or Users within UltimatePOS with ease. Collaborate on projects and streamline your workflow with ease.

Organized and Efficient
Organize your spreadsheets into folders using the folder structure, making it easy to search and manage. With one click expand/collapse, you’ll never waste time trying to find what you need.

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