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Download GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress Nulled Free Premium By dev4press.com
New theme for bbPress

GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress replaces default bbPress theme package with the new and improved templates and styling package.

Responsive First
The theme is fully responsive, using Flexgrid to display lists and layouts with small and simple mobile-first grid styling controls.

Improved Controls
The theme has many small details to improve the overall experience, including a new (optional) dropdown menu for the topic/reply controls.

Clean Forms
All forms are designed for simplicity, and the goal was that they look the same on small and big screens and are easy for touch access.

New profile design
User profile pages are completely redesigned with horizontal layout and navigation, again with the mobile displays in mind.

Profile edit page
User profile edit page works much better due to the improved mobile-first responsive styling and better navigation.

Widgets Styling
The plugin/theme adds a lot of additional styling to make default bbPress widgets look similar as the new theme package is.

New Topic/Reply as a popup
A new topic and new reply forms are displayed at the end of the pages. Quantum can display them inside the popup.

Actions Block
The plugin can add easy to use actions blocks for forum and topics that can contain various important actions.

WordPress Themes Friendly
Quantum works out of the box with most of the WordPress themes, and for some themes includes special tweaks and fixes.

Includes 3 Themes
The plugin adds 3 distinct themes that will completely change how the forum looks like.

Default Theme
The original theme included from the very first release of the plugin, enhanced in 2.0, with the box-like layout.

Classic Theme
Added in 2.0 version, uses classic grid and table-based layout with narrower borders and less styling elements.

Light Theme
Added in 2.0 version, uses simpler table-based layout with horizontal border and even less styling elements.

WordPress Customizer
The plugin integrates with the Customizer allowing you to make changes to the theme settings.

Customizer support
Since this is more the theme then a plugin, it is more fitting to have all the settings placed inside the WordPress Customizer.

Styles and Settings
This includes a selection of the theme styles (or colour schemes) and various features settings. More will be added in the future.

And the Tweaks
And, there are even more settings in the Customizer Tweaks panel for even more control over the way the theme works.

Style Customization
You can modify 4 basic colour each theme uses and some typography elements – font size and line-height.

Additional Colours
Each theme has many additional colour elements (and a few other things) that can be customized if needed.

Additional CSS
And, since there is no way to account to all changes you might need, you can always add Quantum only CSS.

How the plugin/theme works
This is the plugin, but it adds the theme for the bbPress forums. How that works exactly?
bbPress is a forum plugin. But, to display forums, it requires a lot of templates for various elements. And, due to the specific nature of these templates, it can’t rely on the theme to provide these templates. So, bbPress includes own theme templates and styling package to load templates needed regardless of the theme.

Yes, the theme can override default bbPress templates, but if the theme doesn’t do that, default ones will be used. What is great here, is that bbPress allows other plugins to register additional forum templates/styling packages. And, the package fully replaces the default package, and all default templates and styling is coming from the new package.
GD Quantum Theme Pro registers new package, and this package will replace the bbPress Default package.

More about the theme
There is much more in the GD Quantum Theme Pro for bbPress that makes it a great replacement for the default theme.

Right to Left (RTL) Support
The plugin has full RTL support, and each style has additional RTL file loaded if the WordPress is set to work in RTL mode.

SCSS Based Styling
Full styling for the forum is quite complex, and the only way to keep it in check is to use SCSS and compile it to CSS when needed.

Font Icons
The plugin uses icons font based on FontAwesome 5 Free icons to improve various visual elements, including navigation.

Improved styling elements
A lot of standard elements (search, pagination), are updated for better responsive layout and styling.

Developer Friendly
The plugin has a lot of ways to be expanded and extended, with plenty of filters and actions for developers to use.

Other plugins integration
All other Dev4Press plugins are updated to work with the Quantum theme, and they even include specific templates and styling for it.

Important Disclaimers
While the plugin and the theme inside should work with all themes, there are few things to know.
Quantum Theme has own templates, and they are similar to the Default bbPress package, but some templates are a lot different, making them incompatible with the original templates. This means that if you use some WordPress theme that overrides bbPress templates, they will cause problems with the Quantum theme because they are different and the styling is incompatible. If you use such a theme, you need to remove all overrides bbPress templates and CSS. If you want to customize Quantum theme templates, you need to override and style them by using them as the starting point.

Theme styling has been tested with various themes, and it should look and work OK with most of the WordPress themes. But, there is no way to account for all themes styling that might be in conflict with the Quantum theme styling. Over time, the plan is to improve Quantum theme styling to make it more resilient to the styling in various themes, but that process will take time, and with each plugin update, there will be more extra styling added for this purpose. Since the Quantum uses SCSS as a styling base, updates iterations can be fast and easier to do, making the theme better.

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